Our Process

Let us guide you through our process, from inspiration to installation. When our team is included in the process from the very beginning, we typically undertake the following steps. We’re also able to assist with individual services for a project, such as design, when needed.

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In this phase we dig in to understand your goals and project requirements, completing initial research including audits and code checks, early site surveys, and a review of your brand standards to help inform the design phase. A proactive code check and site survey can ensure that the finished product is compliant with city regulations and has the necessary features to accommodate the landscape (electrical sources, fasteners etc.) Early site checks can help avoid unforeseen challenges and costly adjustments at the later stages of the project.

Our team will work with you to create a scope for the project, discuss what you need, and define the desired outcome. We will then plan a timeline for the ensuing steps for the project. In this phase we’re looking to gain as much insight as possible into the vision for the signage, so we can begin the creative process amongst our team.

Check out the About section of the site to learn about some of the people who will lead you through the Discover process!


This is where the magic happens - Creative Magic™ that is. We explore innovative concepts for extending your brand into multiple dimensions. Our innovative ideas in design, materials, and technology are designed to make your brand stand out.
Our team undergoes a creative process to build artistic renderings and detailed shop drawings for the project. This provides our partner with a realistic expectation about the finished product. This process also allows our design team to propose multiple options when needed to spitball options for our clients. Our designers will look at the project scope and build possible renderings to fit the requirements to find the best structure and look for you.
Here's a spotlight on two of our designers who exemplify the experience the design team brings to each project.

Kathy He (M. Eng), Senior Structural Designer

First Exposure to Signage Design: Twilight Signs, 2001

Kathy’s Role
Kathy is on our design team, and she’s a senior structural designer. Kathy’s usually busy designing new concepts so you won’t often hear from Kathy directly, but she’s one of the great minds that informs our process. Kathy graduated with a master’s in mechanical engineering and has worked for Twilight in design since 2002. Kathy brings a wealth of engineering knowledge and practical signage experience that makes her invaluable to our team.

Get to Know Kathy
Kathy was born in Tianjin, China and grew up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Several of her siblings have pursued careers in education, while one of her brothers has pursued a career in business. Kathy now lives in Brampton, and she’s an avid reader in her spare time.

Danny Le, Structural Engineer

First Exposure to Signage Design: Twilight Signs, 2013

Danny’s Role
Danny is on our design team and he’s a structural engineer. Danny’s usually busy designing so you won’t work directly with Danny very often, but he’s one of the great members of our team that make our innovation possible. Danny pursued courses in architecture at Mohawk College while working on our production floor. After working on the floor in assembly for several years, he left Mohawk College and joined our design team. He now brings 6+ years of signage experience in production and design, along with the knowledge base from his architecture background.

Get to Know Danny
Danny’s parents were born and raised in Vietnam, arriving in Canada before he was born. Danny was then born in Mississauga, along with his brother and sister, before moving to Brampton for the remainder of his childhood. Danny spent his childhood playing basketball and hockey. He currently lives in Brampton and enjoys supporting the Leafs (good!) and the Warriors (bad!).


Our proactive planning lightens your load and keeps you informed every step of the way. Experienced project managers take care of it all, from concept development and design to site surveys and permitting - down to the final installation.

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Skilled fabricators, welders, painters, technologists and artisans bring the signage vision to reality. Bring on your custom and complex projects: if you can imagine it, we can make it.
Here's a spotlight on several members from the team. We have a diverse production team with wide ranging skillsets, and these spotlights shed light on some of the experience our team brings to every project.

Dave Shaw, Production Manager

First Exposure to Manufacturing Process: Toronto, Mid 90s

Dave’s Role
Dave oversees the production process. You probbly won’t see much of Dave because he likes to stay busy leading our production team. The bulk of his career has involved roles where he oversaw materials management, quality management, distribution management and production management. Dave’s 20+ years of experience in these roles has given him the skillset to streamline processes at Twilight and maintain the highest level of quality for our partners.

Get to Know Dave
Dave was born and raised in Orillia and played almost every sport (except hockey!). He then lived briefly in Calgary and Ottawa before settling down in Alliston with his wife Pam, who works in a long-term care facility. His two kids, Ryan and Meaghan, are university students at University of Toronto and Carleton respectively. As Dave says (semi-joking): “two kids in university, no money and no life for the father.”

Fyzal Hosein, Fabricator

First Exposure to Signage Fabrication: Trinidad, 1982

Fyzal’s Role
Fyzal is part of our production team, and he’s a senior fabricator. Fyzal started signage fabrication in 1982 back in his native Trinidad and he’s built signs ever since. He moved to Ontario in 1987 and assumed a fabrication supervisor role soon after while venturing into custom fabrication throughout his career. Fyzal has worked with Twilight for 8 years and helps inform our design and innovating processes when required.

Get to Know Fyzal
Fyzal was born and raised in Trinidad. He grew up playing competitive cricket and recreational soccer, while living amongst a family of 11 kids. He met his future wife while in Trinidad and came to Ontario seeking more professional opportunities.
Fyzal now lives in Brampton with his wife Patsy, who is a cook for a daycare, along with their cat. They have one adult daughter named Lucy, who is pursuing an education to prepare her for a career as a funeral service director.

Khuon Truong, Fabricator

First Exposure to Signage Fabrication: Thailand, 1980

Khuon’s Role
Khuon is on our production team, and he’s a fabricator that specializes in vinyl. Khuon started working in signage manufacturing in 1980 during his time in Thailand, where he learned to write Thai to be able to produce signs. He worked in Thai signage manufacturing for several years, then continued his work with signage upon arriving in Canada and has worked in signage ever since. Khuon’s signage experience includes the full manufacturing process, and while he’s equipped to handle any segment of that process, he currently specialized in working with vinyl for Twilight.

Get to Know Khuon
Khuon was born near the South coast of Vietnam, and he grew up in Vietnam throughout the war. As a child, he played soccer and had a keen interest in ping pong. After the war had concluded, he moved to Thailand and remained there for a few years before coming to Canada.
Khuon currently lives in Mississauga. He has an adult daughter who owns her own business in Vietnam, and he has two granddaughters in Vietnam as well. His two sons currently reside in Canada; one of his sons works in a car dealership and the older one works as an electrician.

Kirk Thomas, Fabricator

First Exposure to Signage Fabrication: Twilight Signs, 1993

Kirk’s Role
Kirk is on our production team, and he’s an experienced fabricator. Kirk has worked for Twilight since 1993 and has truly grown with the company. Kirk started as the pumper, which meant he was primarily responsible for pumping glass used in neon signs. He then spent a couple of years away from the company in the 90s but continued working more than 20 hours a week in his spare time before returning full-time. These days, Kirk is a multi-faceted member of our team. He spends part of his time as an installer and specializes in trim-capping and vinyl when he’s in the shop.

Get to Know Kirk
Kirk was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a highly successful competitive badminton player and jumped into the workforce at the age of 14. He met his wife while in high school, had their first daughter in Kingston, then moved to Canada before having their three boys.
Kirk currently lives in Erin with his wife Deon. They’ve opened their doors as foster parents and installed a home entertainment system to keep the kids busy on movie nights. Kirk is a huge history buff, and loves to take the family to laser tag.

Eugene Fradsham, Fabricator and Welder

First Exposure to Manufacturing Process: Toronto, Mid 1980s

Eugene’s Role
Eugene is part of our production team, and he’s a custom fabricator and welder. He attended Herzing College and graduated with a diploma as an electronics technician. Eugene has previously worked in roles as a repair technician, which included the repair of fridges, stoves and office equipment. He also has extensive experience in manufacturing, building custom insulated tanker trailers. Eugene has now worked with Twilight for 12 years, and he’s one of the bright minds that contributes to our innovative process.

Get to Know Eugene
Eugene was born and raised in Toronto. He had a strict Pentecostal upbringing, so television and sports were not encouraged within the family. As a result, Eugene found himself experimenting and building stuff early on, and always found himself tinkering and learning. He would regularly build bikes for his siblings, and would have to build new ones for them every time they lost the previous one.
Eugene now lives in Bolton and he has 2 adult children.

Paul St. Laurent, Fabricator and Welder

First Exposure to Signage Fabrication: Toronto, late 1970s

Paul’s Role
Paul is on our production team, and he’s one of our senior custom fabricators. His father worked in the signage industry his whole career, and Paul started out helping him on summer breaks as a student in the late 70s. Paul has worked in signage ever since, gaining experience as a shift foreman and certified welding supervisor along the way, before joining the Twilight team. Paul brings several generations of signage fabrication expertise, along with a diversified manufacturing skillset, and helps inform our design process as needed.

Get to Know Paul
Paul was born in St. John’s, New Brunswick and moved to Toronto at the age of 5. He grew up as the oldest of 4 boys and enjoyed playing baseball, before finding his passion for bowling at the age of 18.
Paul now lives in Brampton with his fiancé Debbie. Paul has 4 children alongside 2 stepchildren and 4 grandchildren. He currently manages a bowling league and coached a current professional bowler when they were a child.

Sabrina Nunes, Digital Print Operator

First Exposure to Signage Fabrication: Twilight Signs, 2018

Sabrina’s Role
Sabrina is on our production team, and she’s our digital print operator. She attended York University and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and has experience in shipping/receiving and general manufacturing. She brings a strong artistic skillset to our production team.

Get to Know Sabrina
Sabrina was born and raised in Brampton and is the oldest of 3 children. She has a younger brother and a younger sister, and her father was born in Portugal. Sabrina grew up with an affinity for the arts, which included participation in the choir, a role within the band, and an interest in art.
Sabrina currently lives in Caledon, and enjoys sketching and drawing amongst other artistic inclinations in her free time.

Maintenance and Installation

Our in-house team and expansive network of professionals will handle the installation process. Our site survey will have already informed the installation team, so our team can arrive on site and install the finished products as efficiently as possible. We're also happy to help keep your existing sign looking fresh with our maintenance work.
Here's a spotlight on a few members in our service department who represent the experience the team brings on every service visit.

Anthony Gismondi, Service and Install Lead Hand

Anthony’s Role
Anthony is on our service and install team, and he’s the lead hand. If we’re performing service or installation work for you, you’ll likely coordinate with Anthony on site if he's assigned to the project. Anthony started his career in construction and has 15+ years of experience in that space. He first worked as a finishing supervisor for low rise residential construction before moving into sewer and water main construction. Anthony brings a wealth of technical and leadership experience to our service and installation team.

Get to Know Anthony
Anthony was born and raised in the Toronto area. He was one of four boys in the family, played AA hockey and he was heavily involved in hockey growing up. He completed a degree in audio-visual technology, with a focus on media production, before launching into his career.
Anthony now lives in Bolton with his wife and 3 kids. They’ve all been involved in hockey, lacrosse and other after-school activities growing up, but they’re now old enough to start working!

Kevin Gookool, Service and Install Tech

Kevin’s Role
Kevin is on our service and install team, and he’s one of our technicians. If we’re performing service or installation work for you, you might see Kevin performing that work. Kevin has worked his entire career in maintenance, usually focusing on electrical repair and maintenance within hospital environments. He has now worked with Twilight for 5+ years in service and install, and brings a wealth of experience in troubleshooting and smoothly completing signage projects.

Get to Know Kevin
Kevin was born in Florida and spent his first few years there. He was born to Guyanese and Trinidadian parents who immigrated to the Toronto area with him as a child. He played a lot of basketball growing up, complimented by some time playing video games.
Kevin is an only child, and currently lives in Brampton.

Cooper Braund, Service Administrator

Cooper’s Role
Cooper is on our service and install team, and he’s the service administrator. If you are calling in to request service, or we’re scheduling a visit for a survey or installation, then Cooper is likely your first point of contact. Cooper started his career in general labour, but then progressed into a role as a supervisory assistant for custom house builds. Cooper brings a wealth of experience in the construction field, alongside a strong skillset in administration to help coordinate our service and install team.

Get to Know Cooper
Cooper was born in Toronto and he grew up an hour North of Toronto in a town called Beeton. He played numerous sports growing up and found a love for gaming early on.
Cooper still lives in Beeton. He is a competitive gamer on the side, and he often uses his spare time to compete in tournaments. His favorite games are League of Legends and Overwatch.

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