Project Profile

Hendriks Restaurant

New Store Concept

Inspired by bridge architecture, metals, and wood accents, this brand-new restaurant located in Toronto showcases a unique and eclectic flare. One that only Twilight could help bring to the table.



The owners of Baton Rouge, a Cajun-inspired restaurant, have decided to reinvent their space. Inspired by bridge architecture in New York, they reopened as Hendriks Restaurant and Bar – a “dramatic dining experience” paired with an upscale brand. This ambitious flavor needed to be infused in every aspect of the environment, one that Twilight was able to provide in both design, fabrication, and installation.



Inside and out, the Hendriks aesthetic blends light, color and linework to recreate the unique feel of New York architecture. The grand entrance marquee is a collaborative marvel of engineering and design, while the custom laser-cut grill brings together metal and vinyl in an elegant fusion.



A complex project with so much custom detail can be difficult to execute, and Hendriks was no exception. Twilight managed the design process to a successful finish, from artwork to prototyping to implementation. Solutions like the storefront metal brand helped reduce cost while bringing Baton Rouge’s vision to life.


Brilliant entrance marquee with acrylic rods developed in coordination with architect on structure and engineering.


Innovative metalwork on the storefront delivered a key element of brand design while reducing cost overall.


Colossal letters compliment the iconic clock for an unmistakable impact – both up close and from a distance.


Electrifying combinations of light and colour, metal and vinyl give this incredible space an added buzz.