Project Profile

Nordstrom Rack

New Store Concept

Nordstrom Rack opened its first flagship in Canada with a bang in the prestigious Bloor/Yorkville area of Toronto, with an impressive two-story glass façade. The perfect setting to showcase their Rack brand and eye-popping store concept.



Hard to believe, but the signage for this 40,000 sq ft flagship store began with a single sign. The Nordstrom design team appreciates the value of a strong brand experience – so when they were unhappy with an interior LED contour, they approached Twilight to see if we could do better. Based on our innovative prototype they awarding us the full project, and we never looked back.



Like Nordstrom, we’re proud of our products but famous for our service. Twilight collaborated closely with the Nordstrom design team at every step: weekly conference calls to cover progress, ideas and challenges kept everything running smoothly and on schedule. This rewarding process helped build mutual trust and solid relationships that lasts to today.



The grand opening of this landmark store was a huge success at every level – the entire Nordstrom team (executives, designers, employees) were pleased with Twilight’s work and dedication, and the president even calling the signs “impressive.” Best of all, they got great feedback from the most important people at Nordstrom: the customers. High praise indeed.


Unique wall coverings bring the Nordstrom Rack brand personality into the space, in ways customers appreciate.


Bold and friendly wayfinding combines clean design and a conversational tone to help customers find their way.


This was the faux neon sign that started it all – the prototype that led to a warm and brilliant partnership.


Thoughtful architectural design elements help the Rack brand pop for a powerful impression.