Transforming Alexander Wang’s Flagship Store in SoHo, NYC

At the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Alexander Wang, a well-known American fashion designer, was completing his flagship store in SoHo, New York City. He reached out to us at Twilight to engineer interior digital signage.

We planned, designed, built and delivered their installation of a 130 ft x 12 ft LED Digital screen with awe-inspiring dynamic landscapes from 345 miles away.

Alexander Wang can display various dynamic videos across the screen using the software that we installed. Meaning his store can evolve alongside his brand and keep up with trends.

So far, Mr. Wang has used the screen to display fashion shows that are happening across the world.

Alexander Wang created Alpha Avatars that lived inside the store and would change with the seasons. The Avatars would sleep at night and wake up with the store everyone morning. Spanning across the 130 ft long screen, this really was a sight to see!

They have been able to do so much with the flagship store! With ease, they have been able to bring a concept to fruition with the click of a button.

It was so great to work with such a creative brand. Without an expert team on your side, it can be hard to know what’s even possible. Work with a team dedicated to bringing your brand to the next level and be the brand that sets trends.