We helped build Barbie’s Dreamhouse

World of Barbie

When you hear ‘Barbie,’ what comes to mind? Is it her distinctive silhouette, impressive careers, or array of stylish outfits? At Twilight Signs, we take these elements and craft signage that embodies a brand’s identity and tells its story. Our recent work with the World of Barbie Interactive Experience is a radiant testament to this.

Initially set up in Mississauga, the World of Barbie Interactive Experience mesmerized audiences with its engaging design. Twilight Signs rose to the challenge with a dazzling neon Barbie silhouette and a diverse Barbie photo wall that matched barbies dream house perfectly.

Neon Barbie Sign

The Barbie silhouette, our centrepiece, was meticulously crafted from neon, becoming a stunning visual emblem of Barbie’s lasting allure. We’re eager to share a behind-the-scenes video of this process, showcasing the precision and dedication that went into crafting this sign.

Faux neon signs, an innovation in signage, are made using flexible LED tubes that mimic the glow of traditional neon. The flexible LED tubes are bent according to the design, and diffusing materials are used to replicate the smooth glow of neon. These tubes are then mounted onto a backing material, usually acrylic, and cut to the sign’s shape. This fusion of cutting-edge technology with the classic appeal of neon allows for vibrant, energy-efficient signs that are safer and more durable than their glass counterparts. Check out more on our Interior Branded Spaces page.

Barbie photo wall

Moreover, Barbie’s diversity is celebrated in our photo wall featuring various Barbies. From Career Barbie to Fashionista Barbie and the original doll to modern, inclusive Barbies, this wall reflects Barbie’s evolution over the years and the brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

Our work on the World of Barbie Interactive Experience demonstrates Twilight Signs’ expertise in creating unique, memorable signage. We’re thrilled to have played a part in illuminating the joy, diversity, and timeless style of Barbie in LA.

If you’re in LA, don’t miss the World of Barbie Interactive Experience. It’s a fantastic blend of nostalgia and innovation, and we’re proud to be part of it.

At Twilight Signs, we bring brands to life, creating visual narratives that engage and inspire. Whether it’s a classic brand like Barbie or a contemporary business, we consistently deliver standout results that exceed expectations.